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Rice Combine Harvester KPH-18ST



Technical Specifications – Rice Combine Harvester
Model KPH-18ST
Dimension (WxLxH)   mm 3,200 x 6,100 x 2,700
Width of undercarriage frame    mm 1,500
Track shoes (WxLxH)   mm 127 x 750 x 20 (excavator type)
Grain tank capacity   kg 2,500
Loading auger outlet height   mm 600 - 5,000 (swing type height-adjustable)
Weight    kg 7,400
Fuel tank capacity    L 100
Engine Mitsubishi 
Power    HP 210
Cutting system Reciprocating cutter bar, hardened blades
Header width   mm 2,700 (18 knife guards)
Header control Independent hydraulic system
Threshing unit Axial flow thresher
Length of thresher   mm 1,460
Diameter of thresher   mm 457
Cleaning system Blower and reciprocating screen
Final drive 10 HT ( Big shaft, KPI-modified)
Length of track chain    links/track 42
No. of rollers     per track 11 ลูก ( 2 up, 9 down)
Hydraulic pump 75 cc. (EATON Tandem heavy duty axial piston hydrostatic pump)
Hydraulic motor 75 cc. (EATON Heavy duty axial piston hydrostatic motor)
Drive control  Left/Right independent control, backward and forward
Max. speed      km/hr 8
Optimum speed      km/hr 3-5
Field capacity     ha/hr 0.5-0.8 (depending on crop and field conditions)
Fuel consumption      L/ha 12.5-25 (depending on crop and field conditions)
Losses Less than 3% (depending on crop and field conditions) *
No. of operator 1

Note: All specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice.

* Tested by Agricultural Machinery and Postharvest Technology Research Center, Khon Kaen University, THAILAND

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