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Corn Combine Harvester KPH-22TM

Technical Specifications – Corn Combine Harvester
Model KPH-22TM
Dimension (WxLxH)   mm 3,300 x 7,290 x 2,880
Width of undercarriage frame    mm 1,700
Track shoes (WxLxH)   mm 127 x 750 x 20 (excavator type)
Grain tank capacity   kg 2,500
Loading auger outlet height   mm 600 - 5,500 (swing type height-adjustable)
Weight   kg 10,500
Fuel tank capacity    L 120
Engine MITSUBISHI 6M61 / HINO JO8C / CNH- F4DE0684 (NEW)
Power    HP 225 / 260(Turbo) / 170 (Turbo +Aftercool)
Harvesting system Snapping rolls and chains
Header width    mm 2,800 ( 4 rows @700 ) / 3,000 ( 5 rows @600 )
Header control Independent hydraulic system
Threshing unit Axial flow thresher
Length of thresher    mm 1,840
Diameter of thresher    mm 559
Cleaning system Blower and reciprocating screen
Final drive 12 HT ( KPI-modified)
Length of track chain     links/track 48
No. of rollers     per track 12 ( 2 up, 10 down)
Hydraulic pump 89 cc. (EATON Tandem heavy duty axial piston hydrostatic pump)
Hydraulic motor 89 cc. (EATON Heavy duty axial piston hydrostatic motor)
Drive control Left/Right independent control, backward and forward
Max. speed   km/hr 11
Optimum speed   km/hr 3-5
Field capacity    ha/hr 0.7-1.3 (depending on crop and field conditions)
Fuel consumption   L/ha 12.5-25 (depending on crop and field conditions)
Losses Less than 3% (depending on crop and field conditions) *
No. of operator 1

Note: All specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice.

* Tested by Agricultural Machinery and Postharvest Technology Research Center, Khon Kaen University, THAILAND

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