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Rotary Tiller KPG-15


Technical Specifications of Rotary Tiller KPG-15
Model KPG-15
Dimensions (W x L x H)    mm 3,300 x 5,800 x 2,300
Engine power      HP MITSUBISHI / HINO  220 ขึ้นไป,MITSUBISHI / HINO, over  220
Gearbox as attached with the engine
Clutch Single plate, dry clutch
Final drive gearbox HINO
Power transmission to rotor Chain & sprocket # 140
Tilling width    mm 3000
Rotary blade J-type, 15 flanges x 6 blades
Undercarriage gearbox 12 HT
Length of track chain      links 45
Traingular track shoe (W x L x H)     mm 120 x 800 x 50
Weight (fuel full tank)      kg 7000
Max speed      km/h 10
 -  surface straw      ha/h 4 - 6*
 -  burnt straw      ha/h 8 - 12*
Fuel consumption        L/ha 2 - 4*
Accessories 3.0-m wide front dozer blade
Remark depending on the field condition

All abovementioned data are subject to change without prior notice.


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